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We repair most Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, FujiFilm, Endoscopes and Endoscopy Equipment

Our Specialty are Olympus Small Diameter Scopes:

BF- CYF- LF- etc.

and all Fujinon FujiFilm Videoscopes!

Veterinary Videoscopes Olympus 3 Meter Equine Gastroscopes Repairs!

Also we repair all Medical and Veterinary Portascope LG-200 Aohua and Kingwei Videoscopes, Three in One MIGS, General Tools, Jin Mao ICPW Video Borescopes - Articulating Scopes, Probes, Control Handles and LCD monitor replacement! 






Endoscope Repair
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endoscope parts, Endoscopy Parts, We sell Flexible endoscope parts! We provide Quality Endoscopy Repairs and Replacement Parts for, Flexible Endoscopes Worldwide!