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4 day course Includes Minor Repairs: Minor Repairs MINOR FLUID INVASION ( includes Bending Rubber ) Flexible Endoscope 27 Point Inspection Bending Rubber Sheath Replacement with PVC Rubber Air/water Nozzle Replacement ( includes part ) Auxiliary Water Port Repair ( includes part Auxiliary Water Port Housing Replacement ( includes cap) Angulation Adjustment ( Play in Cables ) Bending Section Mesh Replaced ( includes part ) C-Cover ( Distal End Cap Replacement) Boot Extender Repair ( Insertion Tube Replacement Only! ) Duo Elevator Wire Replacement ( includes part ) Eyepiece Rebuild ( Clean occular lenses ) Suction Channel replaced ( includes part ) Knob Cap Replaced ( includes part ) Light Guide Lens Replaced ( includes part ) Examination Tube Cleaning Please Note: Repair training is in Bradenton, Florida USA, Hotel Airfare Meals and Transportation not included







Major Repair Training:  5 days includes: MAJOR FLUID INVASION ( includes Bending Rubber ) Examination Tube Buckle Repair Service Angulation Wire Replacement ( Includes Bending Rubber ) Coil Pipes Replacement ( Bending Rubber incl. ) Air/Water cylinder Replacement ( includes part ) Suction Cylinder Replacement ( includes part ) Duodenoscope Elevator Push Rod Repair ( includes part ) Duo Elevator Channel Replacement ( includes part ) Freeze Frame Button Cap replaced ( includes part ).. Freeze Frame Button 100/140/160/180 series ( includes part ) Switch Head Assembly 100/140/160/180 series ( includes part ) Knob Assembly 100 series Repair ( includes parts ) Angulation Knob Shaft 100/140/160/180 repair ( includes part ) Left/Right knob Cap 140 160 180 series repair ( includes parts ) Illumination Bundle Standard Scopes ( includes Bending Sheath ) Biopsy ( Forcep ) Channel Replaced ( Standard Scopes ) OLYMPUS CCD Burndy Pin Rewire Repair CCD 140, 160 180series Replace Insertion Tube ( includes Bending Rubber ) Replace Light Guide Tube ( includes Bending Rubber ) Note: Repair training is in Bradenton, Florida USA. Hotel Airfare Meals and Transportation not included





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